The Friends of Rabin Medical Center

The Friends of Rabin Medical Center is a non-profit organization, established for the purpose of supporting the advance and development of RMC.
We play an active role in supporting new initiatives to advance the hospital and are responsible for seeking and fostering donors in Israel and abroad. Fundraising efforts include dealing with legacies, applying to foundations, and organizing special events and ceremonies.

Donations are earmarked for improving health care through:

• Building and reconstruction of outdated facilities• Purchase of medical equipment as required by specific departments of the hospital;
• Opening new frontiers through medical research;
• Sponsoring of special programs for patient welfare

All of our efforts are dedicated for the benefit of Rabin Medical Center’s patients and the public of Israel.
We would consider it an honor if you would be willing to be part of our efforts to advance Rabin Medical Center, and if you will find our cause worthy of your support.


Please contact us:

Tel: 972-3-9377216
Address: Friends of Rabin Medical Center
39 Jabotinski St.
Petah Tikva, 49100
Fax: 972-3-9240398