Scholarships for Nursing Students

Scholarships for disadvantaged students

A novel program to enable suitable young adults from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds to study nursing, preparing them for a wide range of employment opportunities

One of the major challenges in the health field today is the growing shortage of high-qualified professional nurses. In order to ensure maximal provision of health services, it is vital that we encourage students from all over Israel to take up academic nursing training.


By offering the young person from disadvantaged socio-economic background the opportunity to study nursing, a profession that combines the use of highly specialized skills and compassionate care, we are offering him/her the opportunity for personal development and social mobility, in a profession that guarantees long-term employment and security. 


The Dina Academic Nursing School, located on the Beilinson campus of Rabin Medical Center is a leading academic center, a branch of the nursing faculty of Tel-Aviv University. The Academic Nursing Study Program is four years long, qualifying the student for an academic nursing degree (BA), and, after passing the official state examination, for a diploma as a qualified nurse.


Be our partners in this unique project, by offering a scholarship to an underprivileged, yet talented, student studying at the Dina Academic Nursing School. Help us open the doors for him/her towards a profession, where each and every one can make a difference. 


One-year scholarship for one student: $4,000

Four-year scholarship for one student: $16,000