Wigs for Cancer Patients

One of the most difficult

physical side-effects

of cancer and chemotherapy

is the loss of hair

The Davidoff Cancer Center at Rabin Medical Center has a unique hair salon for cancer patients only, where volunteers, headed by Eli Ben-Zikri, a hair stylist who himself is a cancer survivor, offer them understanding and special attention to their emotional needs, while tending to their hair. When hair loss becomes significant, they provide patients of all ages with wigs, free of charge.

About 800 patients, adult and children – boys and girls, receive wigs every year, suited to their individual needs (color, size, length). We are now raising funds to purchase more wigs and enable the hair salon to continue to offer this service.


Help us give hope!

Support us in our efforts to continue to provide wigs to children and women suffering from cancer while on the long and difficult road to recovery.


By fostering this important project, you will take satisfaction from helping sick children and women.
Each wig costs $500.

Every donation will help