ידידי מרכז רפואי רבין

Rabin Medical Center (RMC) is at the forefront of Israel's health care system, one of the country's largest and leading medical institutions, renowned for its superior level of patient care. Rated Israel's top hospital in the Ministry of Health's National Program for Quality Indicators, RMC has earned a world-class reputation for its prominent specialists, cutting-edge treatments, advanced medical technologies and pioneering medical research, while maintaining the highest principles of excellence and compassion toward patients and their families.   

A prestigious teaching center affiliated with the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine, RMC is the flagship hospital of Clalit Health Services, Israel's largest HMO insuring over 53% of the country's population, with the second largest medical Big-Data Base in the world. 

A public hospital, RMC is a major tertiary referral center for patients from all ends of the country including the northern and southern periphery and across Israel's diverse religious and cultural population groups. 

RMC has important strategic and academic relations with the foremost medical centers in the world and holds the Joint Commission International Accreditation for high standards in patient safety and quality of care. 

RMC – Statistics and activities

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RMC – The story of medicine in Israel

The story of Rabin Medical Center is an Israeli legend, bound to the history of the creation of the State of Israel. Our hospital basically tells the story of Israel – how it developed from a small facility to a sprawling medical center, leading in many areas of medicine and standing in line with the world's most prestigious medical centers in terms of medical progress, innovation and hospital environment. Beilinson Hospital, founded in 1936 to serve the pioneers in the surrounding regions, was an important milestone in the development of the Jewish Settlement in the Land of Israel. With the growing need for medical services, Hasharon Hospital was founded in 1942 as Beilinson B', and in the early 1950's became an independent hospital. Named in memory of the late Yitzhak Rabin, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Rabin Medical Center was created in 1996 as a result of the merging of the two existing hospitals, Beilinson and Hasharon, and is now a huge center for modern medicine with thousands of employees and tens of thousands of patients every year.

Rabin Medical Center – Medical Milestones

Throughout its history, Rabin Medical Center has been a pioneer in Israel's healthcare system - introducing novel life-saving procedures and being the first in Israel to open new specialized departments and to apply innovative techniques.