Expansion and renovation of the echocardiograph clinics

Expansion and renovation of the echocardiograph clinics

The Expansion and Renovation of the Echocardiography Unit

Rabin Medical Center, one of Israel's largest medical institutions and a prestigious teaching center, is the flagship hospital of Clalit Health Services, serving 53% of the population including the north and south periphery, with the second largest medical Big-Data Base in the world. RMC has important strategic and academic relations with the foremost medical centers in the world and holds the Joint Commission International Accreditation for high standards in patient safety and quality of care.  RMC was rated Israel's top hospital in the Ministry of Health's National Program for Quality Indicators.

Rabin Medical Center is committed to enhancing the service provided to its patients by meeting tomorrow's challenges and paving the way for new medical frontiers.

Heart diseases are a major challenge to health care, with the lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease in Israel above 50%. They are a major cause of mortality and serious chronic illness and disability, however expert intervention can both save lives and significantly enhance quality of life.

The Cardiology Division at RMC, headed by Prof. Ran Kornowski, is the most prominent cardiology service in Israel, providing medical care to cardiac patients from throughout the country. It offers all of the modern technologic and therapeutic modalities for treatment of heart diseases, performing about 4,800 heart catheterizations, 600 electrophysiology procedures and 180 aortic valve implantations every year.

The Echocardiography Unit

 Echocardiography, using ultrasound waves to create images of the heart at work and at rest, is the most important non-invasive diagnostic tool in cardiovascular diseases and cardiac-related emergencies, enabling non-invasive assessment of anatomy, function, hemodynamics and blood flow.

The Echocardiography Unit at Rabin Medical Center, headed by Prof. Alexander Sagi, is one of the largest clinical, educational and research facilities in Israel for echocardiographic services, performing approximately 25,000 echocardiograms annually, for diagnosis of pathologies of the heart and arteries, heart valves,

cardiac muscle dysfunction, intra-heart infections, aortic diseases, and complex heart defects.

Based on high expertise and innovation, the Echocardiography Clinics offer the full range of echo tests using state-of-the-art echocardiography modules:

  • Trans-thoracic echocardiography
  • Tans-esophageal echocardiography
  • Stress echo studies using exercise machine or medications
  • Intraoperative echos during heart surgery
  • Echocardiography during complex catheterization procedures
  • Echo tests by the patient's bed-side using mobile echo systems.

A personal story: Saul was feeling discomfort in his chest after walking, and despite an ECG showing no signs of heart disorder, he was referred to RMC's Echocardiography Unit for an Echo Stress Test. The echo images showed a problematic blood flow, and urgent heart catheterization found five blockages of 90%-95% in his main arteries and veins, immediately threatening his life. He is currently recuperating after life-saving emergency quadruple bypass surgery.

The expansion and renovation of the Echocardiography Clinics

With an increased need for echo tests, the primary non-invasive cardiac diagnostic test, it has been determined vital to significantly expand the Echocardiography

Clinics, enabling an increase in the number of tests performed daily and enhancing the service, for the benefit of our patients and the public in Israel.

The Echocardiography Clinics project will result in enhanced:

  • Size – 350 sq.m., almost doubling the space from the present 185 sq.m.
  • Capacity – An additional 6 examination rooms
  • Technologies and innovation – 3 new state of the art echo systems

We will be most appreciative of your generous support towards this vital project.

Be our partners in saving lives and in the advancement of health care in Israel.

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