Tissue Bank

Tissue Bank

The Tissue Bank – An invaluable resource for innovative cancer research  

Cancer Research

Research is vital for the discovery of new innovative edge cancer therapies, based on the understanding of development and progress of malignancies. Research of malignant diseases is dependent on access to both normal and diseased human tissues.

The establishment of the Tissue Bank as a base for cutting edge cancer research

Rabin Medical Center established a Tissue Bank, as part of the Pathology Institute at Beilinson Hospital. Fresh tissue samples from patients undergoing surgery or biopsy are banked and data is held in a database, providing an invaluable resource for research groups investigating the molecular mechanisms involved in a range of medical conditions, with the aim of devising new treatments and therapies.

The Importance of a Tissue Bank at RMC's Beilinson Hospital

Beilinson Hospital is the flagship hospital of the Clalit Health Services, serving over 53% of the population of Israel, including the northern and southern periphery. Our Tissue Bank is the first one in Clalit Health Services. The rich clinical data that has become available helps researchers understand the development of various diseases including cancer. This is an important tool in regard to research of specific population groups in Israel and will be a basis to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools,

A leading Center treating about 20% of Israel's cancer patients

About 20% of all oncology and hemato-oncology patients from throughout the country are treated at the Davidoff Cancer Center at Beilinson, a national focus of excellence in cancer care. It has unique services and is renowned for its medical excellence and achievements. It has recently established a novel service, "The Center for Personalized Medicine for Treatment of Cancer Patients", for targeting therapy to cancer patients after genetic and pathology diagnosis. The Tissue Bank is in a unique position to further the development of ‘targeted therapy'.

 We are most gratified to Moshe and Miri Meydan whose generosity supported the establishment of the Tissue Bank. 

The Tissue Bank is a valuable resource for performance of breakthrough research studies.  

Be our partners in advancing research through support of the Tissue Bank, for the benefit of present and future generations.  



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