Creating the Neuroscience Center

Creating the Neuroscience Center

The Establishment of the Neuroscience Center at Rabin Medical Center

Over the past two decades, dramatic advancements in the understanding of the functions and structure of the brain, together with the introduction of cutting-edge technological developments, have opened the frontiers in the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases.

Rabin Medical Center is a leader and fore-runner in Israel in neurosurgery and neurology. We achieve impressive results in a variety of innovative fields that meet the first line of global brain medicine, participate in multi-center studies and share knowledge with top-tier global institutions.

We are now working to create a unique Neuroscience Center, fulfilling our national mission of providing the public of Israel first-class medical care for diseases

relating to the complex challenges in the human brain, on par with European and American medical standards.


The Neuroscience Center will be a center of excellence in diagnosis, treatment and research of brain and neurology diseases in Israel, based on the formation of a

collaborative "Brain Team" network, leveraging our neuroscience expertise from across the various medical disciplines, for the provision of first-rate innovative care.

The Neuroscience Center will adopt a unique approach to care by integrating clinical and research strengths and resources of the Neurosurgery Division, headed by Dr. Sagi Harnof, and the Neurology Division, headed by Prof. Eitan Auriel, both leading facilities in Israel. The Neuroscience Center will unite all of the disciplines in the hospital relating to brain medicine, both conceptually and physically.

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Creating the Future – The Neuroscience Center

The new and unique Neuroscience Center will be located in the new Tower under construction at the forefront of Beilinson Hospital. It will measure a total of 8,500 sq.m. spread over two floors, as well as an Operating Room Unit on a separate floor.

This Center of Excellence is being planned in line with the most modern hospital design models, taking into consideration multi-faceted needs, including patient safety, dignity and privacy and commitment to a highly professional environment, and it will include a wide range of state of the art services, delivering comprehensive and highly coordinated medical care. Among these are:

  • ·       Neurology and Neurosurgery Inpatient Departments
  • ·       Joint Neuro Intensive Care Unit
  • ·       Operating Room Unit
  • ·       Interventional Brain Catheterization Unit
  • ·       "One Stop Shop" Ambulatory Care Unit
  • ·       Neuroscience Research Unit
  • ·       MRI Unit (including functional MRI)
  • ·       Specialty services, including Functional Neurosurgery Service, Neurosurgery Oncology Unit, Spinal Surgery Unit, Cranial Reconstruction Service and more

We invite you to be our partners in saving lives.

The establishment of the Neuroscience Center will significantly enhance the care of patients with brain-related disease in Israel.

This project has many naming and giving opportunities. It will be our pleasure to provide further information and details.

Your generosity will help us to realize this vital project
for present and future generations.




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