Fostering Excellence

Fostering Excellence

Fostering Excellence

Providing Opportunities for Professional Development and Excellence

In a world with constant medical advances, in order to remain at the forefront of medicine, it is essential that medical staff further develop sub-specialty skills and attain advanced knowledge, learning of innovations and the use of new-generation procedures and methods from the vast experience of others.

The Program for Professional Excellence

Striving to fulfill its vision for excellence, RMC highly encourages its medical staffs to continue their professional development and remain in the forefront of medicine. For this purpose we have established a Program for Professional Excellence. This Program encourages educational training of Rabin Medical Center's specialist teams and participation in clinical courses, educational activities and research.

Fellowship scholarship

Excelling and promising physicians attend 1-3 year fellowships in the most leading medical centers abroad that serve populations much larger than that of Israel. During this fellowship the physicians acquire extensive experience in innovative treatments and technologies and treat patients with complex medical conditions. Upon their return to Israel and Rabin Medical Center, they apply innovative medical skills and complex medical protocols into work practices, passing this new knowledge on to fellow staff members, for the great benefit of the public of Israel.

Annual costs for a fellowship are about $100,000. 

Fellowship scholarship: $50,000 

Mentoring program

Mentoring has been recognized as holding an important role in professional development and advancement of young doctors. This special mentoring program will escort promising young doctors during their 6-7 fellowship years, aiming to provide them high-level skills on international standards, training them in the use of state of the art medical procedures and technologies and promoting the performance of medical research and publishing in international publications. It will include:

  • Mentoring by senior specialist
  • Research – providing experience by taking part in high-level studies
  • Participation in notable short-term international professional courses
  • Short training sessions on specific procedures in the best facilities abroad
  • Presentation and participation in medical conferences and publication of research papers in international journals 

Mentoring scholarship: $25,000 a year over 6 years 

We request your support towards the Program for Professional Excellence that will allow the cultivation of the young generation of medical teams. 

We thank the Parasol Foundation Trust for their generous support towards this Program through the "Parasol Foundation Surgical Scholarships", as well as other projects.


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